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“Wherever possible we have the Wood Stone ovens at the very centre of the store so the customers can see the theatre of the wood and the flames and we use composite wooden logs to fire them. We chose the wood-fired ovens as we believe this gives the pizzas the most authentic taste – the wood imparts a flavour that cannot be emulated with gas or electric.”

Mauricio Cabrera – Basilico

“The amount of production we get out of these ovens is absolutely amazing. The flow-through is phenomenal and no matter how busy we are (and we have restaurants that are extremely busy all across the country), the ovens perform.”

Brian Sullivan – California Pizza Kitchen

“When it came time to purchase a wood oven and broiler, Wood Stone was the obvious choice. The quality and consistency of the equipment gives our team an edge in executing at the highest level possible every night and the results were immediately noticeable by both our team and the guests. Not to mention, its such a pleasure to work with such incredible people, creating such an excellent product, right here in our backyard.”

Brady Williams – Canlis

“If I could only have one piece of cooking equipment in my kitchen, it would be my Wood Stone oven. I’ve used a lot of ovens, and Wood Stone is by far the best in its class.”

Wolfgang Puck – Wolfgang Puck Restaurants